Here are my Open Source AlienFlight Flight Controller creations and contributions to the RC multi-rotor community. The first row of Alien Flight board designs are released under the CC-BY-SA License.


AlienWii Classic Narrow 5V - Side USB
AlienWii Classic Narrow
Alien F3 Quad Brushed V1 - Side USB
Alien Flight F3 Quad Brushed V1
Alien F3 Hexa Brushed V1 - Side USB
Alien Flight F3 Hexa Brushed V1
Alien F3 Octo Brushed V1 Side USB
Alien Flight F3 Octo Brushed V1

The remaining row of AlienFlight board designs are released under the CC-BY-NC-SA (Non-Commercial) License.

AlienFlight F3 Hexa Brushed V2
Alien Flight F3 Hexa Brushed V2
AlienFlight F3 Hexa Brushless V2
Alien Flight F3 Hexa Brushless V2
AlienFlight F4 Brushed
Alien Flight F4 Brushed
AlienFlight F4 Brushless
Alien Flight F4 Brushless

This is the Official Alien Flight site. I originally came up with the AlienFlight and AlienWii names. As a fellow hobbyist, I designed these boards and their layouts based on what I envisioned a micro flight controller board should be. I chose which components to use and created the component part library currently used on these boards.  Please see the credits page for other resources and credits.

I am not affiliated with nor am I currently endorsing other sites, Facebook groups, or forums using or discussing this work. Although some of these flight controller designs were released under a CC-BY-SA license, I am not currently endorsing, affiliated with, or receiving monetary compensation from anyone who is selling boards claimed to be Alien, AlienWii, or Alien Flight.

Alien Flight Controllers and Multirotor Electronics