AlienWii Classic Narrow

The AlienFlight Classic Narrow aka “AlienWii Classic” is an experimental flight controller designed to pilot Quadcopters using 7mm-8.5mm brushed motors. It features an Atmel Atmega 32u4 processor, MPU6050 Gyro/Accelerometer,  built in 9.5A ESCs, and a built in Bind button for easy binding. 5V out for powering accessories.

AlienFlight Classic Narrow 5V – Brushed

AlienFlight Classic Narrow 5V Side USB
AlienFlight Classic Narrow 5V Side USB

The Classic Narrow can run Open Source MultiWii Firmware

Current build features BUZZER pads fed via a FET on pin PB4 (D8)
Here is the latest custom Firmware Sketch including the Buzzer feature (also note the new MPU6050 sensor orientation).

AlienFlight Classic Narrow Brushed Specifications:

  • MultiWii compatible
  • Atmel Atmega 32u4 micro controller
  • MPU6050 accelerometer/gyro sensor unit
  • 4x 9.5A brushed ESCs (Mosfets) – 2oz copper recommended
  • Integrated USB port (side access)
  • * Serial connection for external DSM2/DSMX sat receiver (e.g. Spektrum SAT, OrangeRx R100 or Lemon RX) – PPM untested
  • PPM receiver Pin is also pulled out for use – untested
  • Hardware bind button for easy binding
  • Motor connections are at the corners for easy orientation with reduced wiring
  • Dimensions:  31x25mm
  • Direct operation from an single cell 3.7V Lipo battery
  • 5V and 3.3V buck/boost regulators (5V out for powering accessories)
  • Single Sided – all components arranged on the top layer
  • Buzzer pads for powering an external indicator Buzzer – (Buzzer must contain it’s own oscillating driver circuit and be able to handle 4.2V)

* Spektrum Compatible DSM2 satellites should work out of the box. DSMX sat should work with DSM2 protocol with default settings.

Build Files and Resources.

Schematic, Board, and Parts List ➜ Tactile ZIP

This board can be made at ➜ OSHpark (with Tactile Switch)

Stencils can be made at ➜ OSHStencils