Firmware Flashing – Classic

The following procedure covers how to flash the Legacy AlienWii Classic with the AlienWii (MultiWii based) sketch via Windows.

Flashing the Brushed Classic FC

  1. Download, Install the Arduino Software
  2. Connect the Flight Controller to your computer via USB
  3. Download and unzip the AlienWii_Brushed Sketch
  4. Browse to the AlienWii_Brushed folder and double click AlienWii_Brushed.ino to load the sketch into Arduino.
  5. From Arduino, under Tools > Board, select Arduino Leonardo. NOTE: Selecting any other board option when uploading a sketch might corrupt your bootloader. choose arduino leonardo board
  6. Under Tools >Serial Port, choose the COM port connected to the FCSelect the COM Port
  7. Click the Arrow button to compile and upload to the FCCompile and Upload Arduino

* NOTE: If you are flashing substantially different firmware over existing firmware, you may want to clear the eeprom before proceeding with the steps above. Arduino’s example eeprom erasing sketch can be found at; File > Examples > EEPROM > eeprom_clear