The following software, tools, and resources were utilized at some point during the creation of these projects. AlienFlight is not affiliated with any of these resources.

CadSoft Eagle
Atmel Studio

The Classic flight controller was not the first to feature an Atmega32U4 + MPU6050 with MultiWii. The Flyduino NanoWii and HobbyKing Pocketquad first inspired me to attempt to design my own unique MultiWii based stand alone brushed flight controller.

The F1/F3 flight controllers that run on Cleanflight were also not first to feature an ARM STM32 MCU. Freeflight appears to have come first. Later the Naze, CC3D, Sparky, and several other boards appeared, using STM32 variants.

Alien boards are unique in features, components, and design. Some designs share similar pin-out and sensor orientation to make compatibility with MultiWii, Cleanflight, and other firmware, easier.

Along with all of their project developers, I thank Arduino from which MultiWii was based upon. Alex for creating MultiWii, Timecop for the fork to Baseflight, Dominic for the fork from Baseflight to Cleanflight, and Boris for the fork from Cleanflight to Betaflight.

Thank you Michael – MJ666 for steering me to develop boards using the modern STM 32 bit ARM based MCU. Thanks for getting the AlienFlight targets, key features, and settings supported and working with Cleanflight and Betaflight. Thanks for helping with V2 F3 SPI integration and for providing pin mapping for the F4.

A special thanks goes out to all of the AlienFlight supporters!

Alien Flight Controllers and Multirotor Electronics