AlienFlight F3 Hexa Brushless V2

The AlienFlight F3 Hexa Brushless V2 is an experimental flight controller designed to pilot small brushless powered Quadcopters – Hexacopters. It features an ARM STM32 F3 processor, side USB for easy firmware flashing, and parameter editing, MPU6500 Gyro/Accelerometer, and built in bind/boot switches for hassle free binding/flashing.

This AlienFlight board can run Open Source CleanFlight Or Betaflight Firmware.

NOTE: You’ll need to switch from brushed to one of the brushless ESC/Motor options available under the configuration tab.

AlienFlight F3 Hexa Brushless V2 FC

F3 Brushless Hexa V2
F3 Brushless Hexa V2

AlienFlight F3 Hexa Brushless V2 Flight Controller Specs:

  • Cleanflight compatible
  • STM32 F3 MCU
  • MPU6500 accelerometer/gyro sensor unit (via SPI bus)
  • Supports 2S-4S Lipo Battery Power
  • Power Distribution built in (2oz+ copper recommended)
  • Direct programming connection via side USB
  • (*) serial connection for external DSM2/DSMX sat receiver (e.g. Spektrum SAT, OrangeRx R100 or Lemon RX)
  • Alternate PPM receiver connection (i.e. Deltang Rx31)
  • Hardware bind switch for easy binding
  • Boot switch for easy firmware flashing
  • Voltage monitoring LED or Buzzer
  • 5V out – buck/boost regulator for powering accessories
  • Motor connections oriented for self explanatory connection
  • Dimensions: 27x31mm (use thin FR4 material for weight savings)
  • All components arranged on the top layer

* Most Spektrum Compatible DSM2 satellites work out of the box. DSMX sat should also work with DSM2 protocol with default settings. (DSM2, 11bit, 11ms is preset).

NOTES: Battery Voltage monitoring is disabled by default.

Lost Model Alarm: A small Buzzer with a low current draw (=<20mA) can be used in place of the VMON LED. You can tie activation of this Buzzer to a switch on your Transmitter via the Beeper option, on the Cleanflight modes page.

Build Files and Resources:

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Not to be used for commercial purposes – without permission.

Part List and Gerbers ➜ F3-Brushless V2

This bare board can be made at ➜ OSHpark

Stencils can be made at ➜ OSHStencils

Use the .boardoutline.ger and .tcream.ger files to create your stencil.