Firmware Flashing – F3/F4

The following tutorial covers flashing Cleanflight Firmware onto the Alienflight STM32 F3/F4 Flight Controller.

Installing the ST drivers:

(For Windows Only)

  1. Download and install the DfuSe demo package.
  2. Open an explorer window and browse to (assuming you’ve installed to the default path)  C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Software\DfuSe v3.0.5\Bin\Driver
  3. Browse two folders deeper to the folder relative to your Operating System version, and x86-32bit or x64-64bit variant.
  4. Click the dpinst_###.exe to install the driver.

Replacing the ST Driver with WinUSB driver:

(For Windows Only)

Essential for flashing firmware from within Cleanflight.

  1. With the Boot Pins jumpered, plug the Alienflight F3/F4 board into your computer.
  2. Download and launch Zadig
  3.  From Zadig, a.) Select Options, b.) Tick List All DevicesZadig-Options
  4. a.) Select STM32 Bootloader from the dropdown, b.) Choose WinUSB as the replacement, c.) Click Replace Driver.Zadig

* Credits for the Zadig option – Cleanflight Docs

Installing Cleanflight Configurator:

You must use Cleanflight Configurator v 1.0.0 or newer.
The following assumes you also have the Chrome Browser installed.

  1. Get the latest Cleanflight Configurator (+ Add to Chrome)
    Add Configurator to Chrome

    Add Configurator to Chrome

Flashing Firmware onto the F3/F4 board:

Note: Close any open Chrome Browsers before proceeding!

  1. With the Boot Pins jumpered, plug your Alienflight F3/F4 board into your computer.
  2.  From the Chrome App Launcher Chrome App Launcher, Click Cleanflight Configurator (Note: DFU should be displayed, next to Connect)
  3. From the Configurator Window, a.) Click Firmware Flasher, b.) Select AlienWii F3 from the list, c.) Click Load Firmware [Online], d.) Scroll to the bottom of the Configurator Window and Click Flash Firmware



  4. Once programming is successful, remove the jumper from the boot pins. You generally shouldn’t need to use the boot jumper on future firmware flash updates, as Cleanflight should automatically detect and drop to DFU mode to flash.