Troubleshooting – Classic

If the TX LED doesn’t stop flashing after 30+ flashes, your Flight Controller may have lost ACC calibration, and will need to be re calibrated.

IMPORTANT: Use MultiWiiConf GUI from MultiWii 2.3-2.4 package or greater. Using MultiWiiConf 2.2 or earlier will corrupt your EEPROM.

Download and Install Arduino Software if you haven’t yet.
Download MultiWiiConf  from the latest MultiWii 2.4

NOTE: The following process also assumes Java (a requirement for MultiWIiConf) is installed on your computer Download Java HERE.   If you don’t have Jave installed, you might encounter an error:

Javaw.exe error
Javaw.exe error

Launching MultiWiiConf GUI and recalibrating:

1) Disconnect the battery
2) Ensure the Classic Brushed FC is level and remains still
3) Plug the FC via USB into your computer
4) Run MultiwiiConf (version 2.3 or higher) – Use the corresponding 32/64bit version to the java version you have installed
5) Press Reconnect or Connect
6) Ensure that ACC Roll and Pitch are near zero

MultiwiiConf GUI
MultiwiiConf GUI

a.) If Pitch and Roll are not close to zero
1) Press CALIB_ACC and wait until Pitch and Roll are close to zero
2) Press Write
3) Press STOP
4) Press CLOSE COMM to exit.